18 October, 2011

Dill and Potato Biscuits

These are the first biscuits that I've ever made. I was just browsing for recipes randomly and found this. The recipe is very simple and had good reviews , so I set out to give it a try.

I had recently bought dried Dill, just coz I have never seen or used this herb before, I wanted to give it a try. The biscuits came out good, they tasted somewhat like Aliva, but a much bland version. Next time I'll try different flavours. They are great for tea time snacks.

13 October, 2011


Aviyal is one of the main side dishes served in a traditional Kerala style meal, Sadhya. It is a very simple dish, very easy to prepare and tastes really great.

Every region in Kerala has their own version with a few changes here and there. But basically it is made of  mixed vegetables and grated coconut. The kind of vegetables and the seasoning used is what varies. This recipe is my Mum's version. I've had a lot of Aviyals, none as good as this one. I might be biased, but definitely Ranjit is not, even he likes this version

11 October, 2011

Milk Cake

I have googled "Milk Cake" for over a year, and what I find is a kind of Indian sweet, sticky n gooey instead of the recipe of a sponge cake which has a flavour of milk. There is this bakery "Cake Walk", in Bangalore from where we get this cake. My hubby goes crazy over this cake. I'm more like a chocolate cake person so I really can't understand this addiction. Recently I found my BFF too likes this cake. So finally, I got down to try out my own recipe.

1st attempt: Since I'm not a fan of just a plain white cake, I added powdered Cinnamon, more than required. End result was a really good looking but bitter tasting cake. I had to throw it away. lesson learnt, never add too much Cinnamon.

2nd attempt: It was very close to the milk cake but not quite there. This time I did not have condensed milk so I just managed with normal milk and sugar.

3rd attempt: Exactly the same recipe as the 1st one minus the Cinnamon lead to success. Why on earth do I stray from my original plan ever?

I baked and it turned out so great that R has been dreaming about the cake and asking me to bake more. I've already baked it twice and I'm sure I'll be baking many more.

Magic Vegetable Fried Rice

This is one of my quick fix dish, and probably this is the only dish that I've cooked the maximum number of times. When I was working and staying alone, this veg fried rice-raita and curd rice were my staple.

This is a complete meal in itself, you get the carbohydrates from rice, vitamins and minerals from vegetables and proteins from the curd in the raita. The best part is that, its very simple and you can never go wrong, once you get the rice cooked to perfection.

Vegetable Fried Rice

Apple and Cinnamon Cake with Whole Wheat Flour and Oats

I found this recipe or should I say the recipe found me. I'd been baking a lot of cakes lately, and have been feeling guilty as it is not very healthy. I opened my browser to search for healthier options and found this recipe from Neha at From my heart on my google reader. I was like wow, the Universe does listen.

I followed the recipe as it is but with a small difference, that I used vegetable oil instead of butter. I actually was waiting this long, trying to get some unsalted butter, but I couldn't.

Homemade Grape Wine

I always wanted to try my hand at wine making. My mum used to make some great tasting wine with gooseberries. I  don’t remember seeing her making it. I made my first wine with red grapes in July last year. I looked for recipes, all of them had the same ingredients in different measurements and complicated equipment that is hard to find here. So I just did my own stuff. It was my experimental batch, so I just used basic ingredients and equipments, I opened the fermentation vessel  as few times as possible because I feared contaminating it.

04 October, 2011


Kalan, is one of many side dishes in a traditional Kerala Sadhya (elaborate meal served on plantain leaves). It is made of plantain, yam with a yogurt and coconut based semi-gravy. Kalan if made to serve for Sadhya should not flow when you serve it on the plantain leaves.

The recipe, I used is from Ammupatti's Blog. Most recipe's I referred to were the same with little or no variations at all, with no proper credit given. I really don't know whose original recipe is being followed around but it works really well and that is why you find it everywhere with very less variations. 

I've made Kalan many times before (Ranjit's favorite) but I never got a perfect Kalan, because I never paid attention to a small detail in the recipe, which said sour -thick curd. The curd should be sour and thick, both. Either thick or sour won't really work well. Believe me, if you get the right curd, your Kalan is half way there. I'm talking out of my mistakes experience here. And then just following this recipe to the T and you will have a finger licking good Kalan.

When I made it the first time I was actually wondering at each step whether it is supposed to look like this ( I'm fairly new to South Indian cooking). For the benefit of someone who has never really known what Kalan is, I took pictures of every step possible. If you try this, please let me know how it turned out, I'd be really happy to know that, it was worth the effort.

That turned out to be a long introduction. Now lets get to work. 


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