28 November, 2011

How to make Cake Flour

I've been baking for a long time now; I started young at 11yrs probably. I baked a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and decorated it with gems for my own 13th birthday. Ya, I have the habit of pampering myself since I was a kid ;). I had actually stopped checking out recipes, as they always mentioned things which none of the shopkeepers would be able to pronounce, let alone understand. Then living in a city like Bangalore for a while, gave me hope and gave me more options but still there are things you wouldn't find in stores.

One such thing is Cake flour; I actually thought it is some super special flour that has undergone some special processing which might take ages to show up in India at least in the metros. Then one day I googled it and found that it is so simple that I can do the super special processing at home. It is actually a simple process. Just follow this formula and voila, cake flour. 

(1cup - 2tbsp) All Purpose Flour + 2tbsp Cornflour = 1cup Cake Flour 

1cup All purpose Flour
2tbsp Cornflour

Equipments needed:
Measuring cup
Measuring spoon


1. Measure 1 cup flour in a measuring cup. Do not try to compress it to add more.

2. Remove 2tbsp of flour from the cup of flour.

3. Add 2tbsp of cornflour to the cup of flour.

4. Sift this mixture 3-4 times to ensure even mixing of the cornflour. This is an important step, which at no cost should be skipped. Couldn't take picture of this one, as I had to use both hands to sift.


  1. nice post... explained well..

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  3. A very useful post!!
    Prathima Rao
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  4. Thank you everyone. Special thanks for the awards Julie

  5. Nice informative post.Thanks for sharing

  6. A very useful information Isha.

  7. I really like your blog and recipes. well presented and great stuff.

  8. where do you buy AP flour in Bangalore? i read maida is not a substitute for it. is it true?


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