14 December, 2011


I was excited when Julie (Erivum Puliyum) left me a message that I have an award waiting at her blog. I happily checked out Julie's blog to see the award and I was so overwhelmed to see not just an award but four awards. Next day I checked it again to see if they are still there, I saved its images on my desktop and showed it to my hubby.  My husband said what's the use if you keep looking at it on your desktop. My brains worked, too much excitement blocks my brains. I sent a mail to Julie asking what I'm supposed to do... She promptly replied to all my doubts. Thank you Julie for the awards and being patient with all my silly doubts.

The best part of receiving this, is that I get to pass it on. I'm glad to have this opportunity to pass this award to my fellow bloggers.

I tried checking out their spaces to see if they've already received these awards. But I still can't be sure. There are blogs which I love dearly but have been around for 2 years etc, and might have already received these awards.

So, instead of sending it around again, I tried looking up for blogs which aren't very old as the newbie's need more motivation, I know that coz I'm one of them. Actually their work motivates me and there are certain things about their blogs that keep me going back to them. They are:

1. The Yogi Vegetarian, I found the blog two weeks back, just in time for its birthday celebrations, I got a visual cake and I also am going to receive a book "The Higher Taste" as I took part in the giveaway (once I get the book you can expect to see more sattvic recipes in Flavours). It is a blog by a Krishna devotee and all food prepared and posted is something that can be offered to Krishna. I keep going back to the blog as it will help me develop more Sattvic eating habits. It motivates me.

2. Kurry Leaves, I love everything about this blog from the template to the pictures, it's awesome. 

3. Spicy treats, this is a blog with some really yummy food and some very new innovative recipes.

4. From my heart, this blog is listed under my inspirations... I found this blog even before I started Flavours. I love everything about this blog. The pictures are to die for and the recipes are equally good. 

5. Crumpled Chillies, I recently started following this blog, I am yet to explore it more. This blog just makes the Gujarati food yummier... mouth watering!

6. Sin Foodie, every time I visit this blog I bookmark something or the other... there is so many things that I want to try out from this blog... you'll understand my obsession once you see the list of my book marks. 

I'm sure I'd have found more blogs to pass this onto, as I follow so many. But the internet connection has been really bad since last month and every page takes more than a minute to load. It is so hard for me to create one post. This is the downside of living in villages, you just get one provider (BSNL) and you have no other options even if it's bad. I'm already late to post this.

You can save these awards as images and then show it off on your blog. :)

The awards need to be passed around to more bloggers; you can choose 5 or more blogs that you would like to pass it on to. Publish the awards in one of your posts and let each blogger know about the award they can collect from your blog, by posting a comment on their latest post.


  1. Congratulations sweet heart on all your well deserved awards, wish you many more success and awards.

  2. Congratulations on all ur awards...may u get many more!

  3. Congratulations on all your awards.. wish you plenty more :)

  4. Congratulations Anisha for the awards :)
    and thank you so much for the award and the appreciation :)) I am really happy :)

  5. Thank you so much Anisha!!
    so so motivating and inspiring to receive these awards and also to read ur kind words!
    motivates me to blog more often...
    thanks again! :)

  6. Thanks ! :) It means a lot to me when someone likes what I do! Really encouraging... btw do let me know if you got the book okay- it may have been delayed in the Christmas rush...?

  7. congrats dear!!Thanks a looot for sharing these awards with me..m truly honored!thanks a lot dear..

  8. Congrats dear, love your blog..


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