28 March, 2012

Hungry for Change

I would like you to watch this movie from Food matters- Hungry for change. You can watch it for free till 31st March. If you have joined Flavours Facebook page, I'm guessing you have watched it already. It is the truth about the so called "food" that is available in the supermarkets and grocery stores.

I'm glad that since the beginning my Mom always stressed on the wholesome goodness of home made food. As a teenager, I thought she was just being skeptical about ready made food coz it's just so new to her. When I moved out, I did initially stock up on the ready to eat food packages and when the taste didn't meet my expectations I gave up on it. I finally ended up eating loads of fruits and salads coz I was too lazy to cook. I cooked curd rice and vegetable fried rice once in a while when I craved for home cooked food. I was eating so much fresh produce, mostly raw that my face was cleared of the pimples; I was prone to having pimples for a very long time. My weight was also kept in control, it was only later I realized that I was accidentally having a pure Sattvic diet.

A yogic diet, also called Sattvic diet consists of fresh food which doesn't excite your senses. The life force energy which is referred to as Prana in Sanskrit should be abundant in the food we eat. That is why non vegetarian food isn't considered to be yogic coz as soon as the animal is killed, the Prana escapes, unlike in plants, where even after plucking the fruit or even uprooting the plant it contains Prana and it decreases with the processing and storing for long time. That is why fresh fruits and raw vegetables have the maximum amount of Prana and all the processed food with long shelf life have almost no Prana in them to benefit you.

While I clearly have experienced the benefits of eating fresh and less processed food, I had been unaware of the harmful effects of all the processed food available in the stores now a days. The movie- Hungry for change is a must watch.. We all need to know the truth about the chemical ingredients present in the so called "food" available in the markets.

I try to buy fruits and vegetables locally. It is much easier for me coz I live in a village and I sometimes get free fresh organic vegetables if I'm visiting someone coz they just had abundant produce in their Kitchen garden. I have started growing herbs and roots in my garden. It tastes so much better when you just pluck it right out of the soil and have it- that is when it has maximum Prana.

In January there was an article in Times of India about the commercially packaged milk in India. It stated that a survey conducted throughout India found out that the milk contained high amount of urea in it. Only in Pondicherry and Goa the milk passed the test. I did not bother to follow what happened next as I was off dairy products and was thankful that we buy our milk locally. The maximum adulteration our milk man does is, add some harmless water.

So try to eat fresh locally produced and less processed food and stay healthy and fit. :)


  1. thnx 4 shring dear...........

  2. I love this post! We all need reminding at times about keeping our diet more sattvic. You explanation of how the prana decreases in foods was really good. Thanks :)

  3. I totally agree with you that there's nothing to beat home made freshly cooked food.In these days of Navrathri, we are eating a vegetarian diet and I notice how light and sprightly I feel. Will try and get to watch the movie!

  4. I too am thinking to switch from packed milk to our neighborhood milkman. Thanks for your tips.


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