25 April, 2012

How to Blanch and Peel Almonds

Blanching Almonds helps remove their skin in a jiffy. I have spent a lot of time peeling almonds before but not anymore.

Removing the skin of almonds is not really necessary; some claim that it has fibers and flavanoids, which are good for our body. I am yet to acquire a taste for unpeeled almonds as I've always had them peeled, for as long as I can remember but wouldn't mind making Almond milk with unpeeled almonds.

Stuff you need:
  • Almonds (Sprouted or soaked)
  • Water
  • Colander

1. Boil enough water to cover the almonds with water. Pour the hot water onto the almonds. Let it sit in hot water for a minute. Use a colander to drain the hot water after one minute.

2. Either pop the almonds in cold water and drain. Repeat twice or just run cold water through the almonds.

3. Just keep the almonds in between your fore finger and thumb and squeeze the almond out of the skin. It's that simple.

Anti Clockwise from top right

1. Ideally Blanching means using hot and cold extreme temperature water. But I have always used hot water and normal temperature water or Mataka water (water stored in clay pot which is colder than room temperature but not as cold as ice water). It works for me.



  1. simple things explained in a simpler way .. nice work !

  2. Good post. I love having my almonds without the skin what, I don't throw the water that I have soaked the almonds overnight. I actually re use it and put it in the indoor plant (I have only one) that I have.

  3. A very useful post, makes life so much easier..!

  4. cool...i do it the same way too.its so easy once it soaks the peels slip off!super clicks!

  5. I love blanching and peeling the almonds they are fun too! Nice tip and lovely clicks Anisha..

  6. sure a lovely post :) nice explanations n clicks :)

  7. How interesting. I've actually never eaten blanched almonds. Isn't that funny? I had absolutely no idea how to remove the skins. Now I'm going to look for blanched almonds to see if I notice the difference.

  8. This is very useful, just saw it now. I have avoided using almonds only because of the difficulty in peeling it!!!


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