02 April, 2012

Papaya Smoothie

Papaya is a wonder fruit which is widely used for its nutritional, digestive and medicinal benefits. Papayas are the only natural source of papain, an effective natural digestive aid, which breaks down protein and cleanses the digestive track. It is also believed to increase metabolism and thus helping in weight loss.

Papaya benefits the skin and it is an effective fruit facial. Papaya not only cleanses the skin but it is also known for giving a glowing skin. Papain in it, promotes skin renewal and cell turnover. It also benefits skin by exfoliating it, to reveal new cells and softens skin at the same time. It also helps in skin lightening, if used regularly.

I love this wonder fruit and sometimes I used to have just a big bowl of papaya for breakfast. It has been a while since I posted a recipe. This too isn't a recipe as such; it is an attempt to get reacquainted with food photography and blogging after almost 2 months now. It's been a while since I did any food photography. I still have pictures of recipes that I had planned on posting before I left for Yoga and completely forgot about it. It's a lot of work to sort it out, so I thought I'll do something refreshing to get started. A smoothie sounds great after a dry spell, isn't it?

I made two large glasses of the wonder fruit Papaya smoothie and my darling husband who avoids everything healthy like a plague, refused to even taste it. I kept a glass aside to drink later but after a few hours I found it had solidified which I then actually ate with a spoon. The amount of soy milk I used was very less as I wanted it to be a thick smoothie. I do not know what caused the solidification. I doubted if it's the soy milk having some reaction with the papaya but my doubts were cleared when I juiced a papaya next day with lemon and ginger just for experiment sake, it too solidified after a while. By the way the juice with lemon and ginger tastes great too.

Google didn't answer my question to what caused the solidification, so if you know the reason please let me know. I'm just a curious food scientist. Anyways, it is giving me too many ideas for desserts with papaya.

Serves 2
Preparation time: 5 minutes

Ingredients I used:
  • Half of a large ripe papaya (roughly 3 cups after chopping)
  • 1 cup Soy milk
  • Sweetener to taste (optional)

1. Wash, peel and cube the papaya.

2. Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend till you get a smooth smoothie.

3. Couldn't get easier than this. Sit back and Enjoy!

1. If you like your smoothie chilled, use chilled papaya and soy milk, instead of adding ice and diluting the smoothie.
2. You can use raw sugar, agave nectar, xylitol to sweeten the smoothie
3. I used soy milk, only to later find out that soy increases mucus, which is precisely why I gave up dairy in the first place, so next time I might use almond milk instead. You can use any milk of your choice.

Health and Nutrition

Papaya contains high amounts of Vitamin C ( 33% more than oranges and lemons), Vitamin A, Vitamin E as compared to any other fruits. It is also a good source of dietary fiber, potassium and calcium. Over all a nutritious and healthy drink.


  1. Very healthy and yummy smoothie

  2. So refreshing !! And nice photos :)

  3. wow...so healthy n refreshing smoothie

  4. flavorful and refreshing smoothie recipe

  5. Yummy smoothie with beautiful clicks

  6. Yum Yum - This is my all time favorite!!

  7. healthy and yummy smoothie..never tried smoothie out of papaya, always cherished eating as a fruit :)

  8. New smoothie to me,Perfect vit A so healthy n refreshing one,dear!!

    Erivum Puliyum

  9. We've been papaya fanatics this month. Never tried a papaya smoothie...so this will be yummmy!

  10. Well clicked dear, looks beautiful with that vibrant colour and green background.



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  12. one of my favourite smoothies deliciously done

  13. wow... papaya smoothie looks delicious... beautiful presentation..

  14. Have never tried papaya smoothie though i have seen it around. i am quite intrigued with its pairing with milk. It definitely looks great!!

  15. Very healthy and you have used soy milk too, though am not a big fan of papaya, I wud definitely give it a try, following you back..

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