26 July, 2012

Grissini- Italian Bread Sticks


Grissini, is an Italian Bread sticks. They are usually served as appetizers but for me it's a great snack. I made these along with Tomato Sambal and I am totally hooked on to this. I kept snacking on it all day long... the Sambal and bread sticks did taste good together. It also a great snack on its own.

14 July, 2012

Tomato Sambal- a Spicy Tangy Sauce

I updated my header with a new logo and none of you have noticed it or maybe you guys forgot to mention it in your comments. I was kind of looking forward for a response from you all. After all the hard work I made my husband do to create the header. ;) Well before you give all the credit to him, let me tell you that, I came up with that logo one afternoon while working on creating a logo for my yoga blog which has been under construction forever. I really brainstormed and doodled for a few months to come up with something like that. Alright, I don't wanna push you to praise me but seriously what do you think of the changes in the blog header. If you don't like anything please let me know, I will see what I can do.

01 July, 2012

Mango Cake flavoured with Cardamom

I have rarely used fruits for cooking or baking. I enjoy whole fruit; I don't need it disguised in any form to have it. Unlike me, my husband runs in the opposite direction of fresh fruits, it's something about the texture of certain fruits that he avoids them completely. He can have tons of raw mango and screw up his stomach but can never eat ripe ones. I was not sure if he would even agree to taste the cake but surprisingly enough he liked it a lot. Though he added, he still prefers Vanilla Cake over everything else.


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