28 December, 2011

Eggless Pineapple Upsidedown Cake

A friend recommended this recipe when I told her that I can't find a good Eggless cake recipe. I baked this for Christmas and everyone loved it. It is really an amazing Eggless cake with a really good texture. It tastes delicious with pineapple pieces steeped in caramelized sauce.

It is so awesome that people who have always eaten cakes with eggs, refused to believe that this cake doesn't contain eggs. I loved the texture and the amount of sweetness is just perfect for our palate, even without the pineapple topping and sauce. I have already baked this 5 times now and will be baking many more of them.

Adapted from Nestle Recipes

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Baking time - 40 minutes


For Pineapple layer
  • 6 Pineapple Slices
  • 1/2cup Dark Brown Sugar
  • 1/4cup (5tbsp) Butter

For Pineapple cake
  • 1/2 cup (100gms) Butter
  • 1can (400gms) Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 2cups All purpose flour
  • 1tsp Baking Powder
  • 1tsp Soda Bicarbonate
  • 1 cup Aerated water (drinking soda)
  • ½ tsp Pineapple Essence
For garnish
  • Red Cherries (see notes)

1. Peel and chop the pineapples into rounds pieces. Remove the centre of the pineapple with the pointed end of the knife. Make sure to get at least one full circle intact to place in the centre. (I've done this a few times and have become an expert now. :))

2. Grease a 9 inch round baking dish and layer the pineapple slices as shown. You can be creative, use your imagination and make the best use of the slices that you have. Preheat the oven to 180 degree Celsius.

 3. Melt the dark brown sugar and butter in a sauce pan over medium low heat. This sauce is really tasty, try to resist the temptation to lick it off the spoon.

 4. Spoon the sauce over the pineapple slices in the baking dish and keep it aside. (This picture is with the sauce made of Dermera sugar, good substitute for dark brown sugar but not awesome).

 5. Sift the flour, baking powder, baking soda into a separate bowl and keep it aside.

6. In a mixing bowl mix the butter, sweetened condensed milk and pineapple essence.

7. Add 1/4 cup flour followed by 1/4 cup aerated water and mix well. Continue this till all the flour and aerated water is used up. Immediately pour the batter over the pineapple slices in the baking dish and bake for 40 minutes at 180 degree Celsius.

8. Invert the baking dish after 3-4 minutes of removing it from the oven. Do not wait for it to cool down as the sauce will harden making it impossible to remove the whole cake intact.

9. Garnish with Cherries, slice and enjoy the delicious cake. You can also serve it with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.


1. You can use canned pineapples instead of fresh; this will reduce the preparation time too.
2. For the sauce, dark brown sugar can be replaced by Dermera sugar. 
3. If you do not have brown sugar, just use regular white sugar and caramelize by heating it with 3tbsp water, and avoid adding butter.
4. I have tried the above two options and have found that dark brown sugar gives the best flavour.
5. It is important to use the batter right away, if allowed to stand; the lightness of the cake is affected. (I've experimented with this too. The size of the cake reduces as the batter is allowed to stand before baking).
6. It is recommended that you remove the cake from the baking dish as soon as you take it out of the Oven, however I figured it is best to let it stand for 3-4 minutes and then take it out of the baking dish, as I once got all the pineapple stuck to the base and the cake came off but ensure you don't let it stand for more than 5 minutes or else the sugar will harden.
7. I did not garnish it with cherries, as I did not have them. I highly recommend garnishing with cherries.
8. You can add ¼ cup pineapple juice, if you don't have pineapple essence. Just reduce the amount of aerated soda to ¾cup.
9. I used a 6 inch baking dish instead of 9 inch (I do not have 9 inch round baking dish). I used the rest of the batter for cupcakes.
10. I think we can use different fruits and flavours too. I am looking forward to trying it with apple and pears. If you try before I do, please let me know how it turned out.

Health and Nutrition:
  • Not much of nutrition but a lot of calories.

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  1. perfect bake.....awesome cake

  2. Irresistible cake!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  3. Hi, i am sush.lnice to meet you...nice blog with modern recipes.

  4. Awesome looking pineapple cake dear. Lovely pics.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  5. wow...looks so gorgeous :-)lovely pics !

  6. nice looking cake and i'm sure yummy too

  7. What a gorgeous-looking cake!And your pictures are very nice too. I like the idea of using fizzy water. Everyone needs a little something yummy once in a while :)

  8. i love pineapple cake n yours looks so perfect n inviting...lovely recipe n well explained too...beautiful pictures dear!!
    thanks for this lovely entry to bake fest

    Spicy Treats
    Ongoing Event : Bake Fest # 2
    Do participate in My 300th Post Giveaway-ends by 31st Dec

  9. Yummy clicks and yummy cake. Time has come for me to bake upsidedown cake. Looks truly delicious and perfect.

  10. beautiful cake and such superb clicks..awesome..

  11. Pretty cake and love the pineapple flavor. Thx for linking to the event.

    Event: Sinful Delights
    Event: Stuffed Paratha

  12. whoa...thats it?? i am loving the recipe :D

  13. The cake looks amazing!! Happy New Year!!

  14. lovely site nice to meet you
    happy holidays

  15. wishing u n ur family a very happy new year :-)

  16. happy new year dear!!cake looks perfect and yummy ..

  17. I a in love with this upside down cake..

  18. that looks delicious - small and cute :)

  19. first time in ur space..following u...awesome cake

  20. It looks divine gal! Eggless recipes are always in my wish list and here's one of the best ones I've found....so fruity, pulpy and spongy....wowie!!! :)
    Thanks for leaving such lovely comments; they are touching. :)

  21. even i cant believe it doesnt have eggs.. looks so fluffy & moist! those caramalized pineapples look great

  22. This looks delicious. One of my favorite cakes is eggless as well. It's always surprising to realize that just because we are used to making something one way does not mean it can't be made differently.

  23. please clarify.after adding the flour do u mix it with a spoon or with an electric beater.please let me know as plan to bake 2morrw.thx

  24. Sorry for late response. I used electric beater while adding flour. Though I used it in off mode to just mix the flour so it doesn't fly. N then used the electric beater normally.


  25. Dear Anisha ji,
    I know I am not the first one to say it, but your recipe seems marvelous and I love how you've given notes at the end to clarify your recipe.
    I plan on baking this today and had a question about the brown sugar. You mention that it is different from Demerara sugar but I still remain unsure about it. Is it muscavado sugar? Is this brand of sugar, Tate&Lyle, easily available all over India?
    There is a type of powdered jaggery sugar (we call it shakkar in Punjab) which is also brown in colour. Do you think it will do?
    I apologies for asking it last minute but my uncle wanted to have a new kind of pineapple cake for my aunt's birthday and I thought this was perfect.
    Your insight will be helpful. :)
    Thank You.

    1. Aprajita... i guess ypou have already baked the cake now. I couldn't access the internet yesterday. I just saw your comment now. I'm really sorry for the late response. Just for future reference...

      The dark brown sugar is crystallised refined sugar like the white sugar which has molasses added back to it to give it that dark brown colour. Dermera is just not refined but crystallised sugar. It has the natural brown color, but is lighter in color than the dark brown sugar.

      I think I know what "shakkar" is but I can't be sure if it will work for the recipe but if you have tried with it please let me know how it worked. I guess shakkar is the healthiest alternative to all the above mentioned refined sugar.

      Muscavado sugar is something differnet I haven't used it ever and haven't found it in the markets here.

      I hope to hear from you about your cake and how it turned out. Belated Birthday wishes to your aunt... hope she liked the cake!

  26. can u plz give the measurements of all ingredient in grams and ml?

    1. Hi

      Check out this link this is the original recipe in gms and mls...


      Hope this helps... :)

  27. this looks so yumm..surely going to try it soon

    1. Do let me know how it turned out for u... :)

  28. Going to try this right now! Will let you know how I did as last week I made it with egg and it was such a hit I boasted and ended up commissioned to bake one for my boss' birthday tomorrow. Little did I know til I was leaving work, that he is vegetarian!

  29. It turns out awesome every time I follow your recipe :-) . Just a small thing pls put farenheit temperature with Celsius :-)

  30. Merry Christmas by the way baking it today again :-)

  31. Looking yummy. Nice recipe of Pineapple cake . It is very nice and simple recipe; I will try this recipe soon.

  32. Hi!!! Thank you for such a nice cake.. I want to make a small cake. So can you please suggest the ingredients measure if I want to use only 1 cup of Maida? I m planning on using fresh pineapple juice instead of essence.. Wanna make it for my hubby bday 😊

  33. Hi!!! Thank you for such a nice cake.. I want to make a small cake. So can you please suggest the ingredients measure if I want to use only 1 cup of Maida? I m planning on using fresh pineapple juice instead of essence.. Wanna make it for my hubby bday 😊

  34. It's amazing.. thanks for sharing with us .

    pineapple cake

  35. Nice Recipe...eggless vanilla cake i will try this . I have tried Eggless Cake Recipes .this one is slightly different i will try this.

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