19 February, 2012

Nutella Chocolate Pudding with Soy milk

This is quite similar to the Nutellla Chocolate pudding I made a while ago. In the previous one I used custard powder, this one I tried cornflour. And this of course uses soy milk instead of the regular milk. I've always liked soy milk, except for the fact that it is too expensive in comparison to regular milk. The use of soy milk even if you are not vegan is good if you are on a diet plan and want to indulge a little bit. It is a low calorie substitute for milk. Unless you are making your own soy milk, you will get the necessary amount of calcium which can be absorbed by our body as the soy milk we buy is fortified with calcium.

16 February, 2012

Vanilla Mashed Sweet Potato

I found this recipe from Barefeet in the Kitchen. I loved the colour and the flavours seemed to be just perfect. I read the awesome reviews by the people who have already tried it and I just had to make it. I have no like or dislike towards sweet potato but had never cooked it before. This seemed to be the perfect recipe to start with.

Spiced Oil

The recipe comes from the cookbook - Artisanal Cooking by Terrance Brennan. I found it from 101 Cook books. It's called Autumn spiced oil but I didn't have half of the ingredients it called for, so I just made an Indian spiced oil which worked great with Vanilla Mashed Potatoes.

06 February, 2012

Baked Yoghurt with Cinnamon and Orange Compote

This recipe is from the Good Food Magazine. I'm all for recipes labelled easy in it. I love simple and easy recipes which have just a few ingredients. I made this twice. Once without baking as I didn't have an oven, I just added a little bit of dissolved Agar Agar to make it set (which didn't really set much) and the next time I followed the procedure in the magazine.

Of course I loved it, that is why I made it twice. I could never have imagined mixing curd and condensed milk gave such an awesomely delicious dessert.


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