30 May, 2012

Basic Whole Wheat Bread (Vegan)

This was the first bread recipe I ever followed and since then I have baked this bread a lot of times. It was a white bread recipe I just used wheat flour instead. I did not use any extra gluten as I don't have it and don't think it's easily available here. I was surprised to find that it worked without the gluten. I have an endless list of bookmarked bread recipes but I just keeping baking this one over and over again coz it uses just basic stuff which I always have in my pantry.

22 May, 2012

Spiced Herbal Tea

This post might seem out of place in this hot weather but if you happen to be allergic like me, this time of the year makes it worse with the increase in pollen grains in the atmosphere. From its calming effects, to its positive digestive benefits and its natural cold plus cough relieving properties, this is a herbal tea that all can benefit from. 

16 May, 2012

Raw Mango Pickle (Kerala Style)

This is the most common mango pickle made all over in Kerala. My Mum had taught me how to make it once and it turned out really good. I prefer mango pickle in mustard oil, mustard seeds and large triangular mango pieces with part of the pulp stuck to the seeds (just writing about is making my mouth water, it's been ages since I have had that). In Kerala people find it weird to cook anything in mustard oil and the mere smell of the pickle I find so mouth-watering, will drive people away.

My husband and in laws are crazy about the kerala style mango pickle. So I knew I have to make it often coz they don't like the store bought one. I had the memory of getting the pickle right the first time, so I had this over confidence that I know how to make it, I was forgetting that I got it right with my Mum by my side.  After a failed attempt, I called her up and she explained the procedure and I just followed it. It tasted great but after a week all we could taste was sourness from the mango. I realised no matter what recipe you follow, you need to have an idea about the sourness of the mangoes you are using if you want to make big batches of this pickle.

Now after making it many times, I'm comfortable enough to say that I can make good mango pickle that is loved by all. Since making small batches of it won't serve the purpose in my house, the key is to make it a week before I plan to serve it. I also rub some salt onto the cut mango pieces to get the sour juices out and it also softens the mango and don't really need to cook it.

11 May, 2012

Ginger Spiced Almond Milk Sweetened With Dates

Alright I know it's getting very monotonous with a lot of almond posts. Truth is I discovered so much about almonds in the past few weeks that I couldn't resist to share all the info with you guys. I'm posting this specially for Amazing Almonds event at one of my favourite blogs The Yogi  Vegetarian. 

02 May, 2012

Detoxing Green Beer: Juiced Aloe Vera and Cilantro/ Coriender Leaves

Don't be mislead by the word Beer in the title; this is not an alcoholic drink. Sorry, if you expected to read some health benefits of drinking beer. The froth in the Aloe-Cilantro Juice reminded me of Beer, so I decided to serve it to Ranjit first thing in the morning in Beer mugs, hence the name.

Aloe Vera is a species of succulent plant which has been extensively used in herbal and alternative medicines since the beginning of first century AD. In recent times, Aloe Vera has been increasingly finding its way back into the cosmetic and alternative medicine industry. It is marketed claiming it's has rejuvenating, healing and soothing properties. Though there is little scientific evidence to prove all the above, I'm sure most of us have experienced the healing properties of Aloe Vera Gel by topical application. (Source: Wikipedia)

It is only recently I found that Aloe Vera is edible. It works as antiseptic, antibacterial and anti- inflammatory herbal medicine. It cures eczema, diabetes, arthritis and prevents infection. It also improves human immune system and digestive system. 


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